Precise values by laser trimming

Wafer Trim System

LS-9355TD is developed especially for the
purpose for trimming of circuits on wafer. Due
to its construction the laser needs neither
cooling water or three-phase current, only
220V supply.

LS-9355TD wafer trim systems are mounted on a frame. Personal computer, laser power supply, mo-
tor control and measuring instruments are embedded within the frame. The whole front side of the

work station can be lifted for set-up (change of probe cards). The housing is already
prepared for a later adaption of loader units.
The work station is accessible by a sliding door at the front side. The slider is equipped with an
interlock switch, which interrupts the laser beam by opening the door. Vacuum keeps substrates in
place at the step&repeat table, which is designed for substrates up to 6”x6”. An internal
exhaust exist up to an external interface.

About LS Laser Systems

“Putting light to work – spot on“ is the maxim and principle philosophy for  LS Laser Systems GmbH and its employees for the main company philosophy. To meet this demand, developing a precise and flexible solution to your problems is our main priority. The core business of LS Laser Systems GmbH is the development, production, sales and service of laser markers, systems for active and passive laser trimming and laser micro processing systems. Decades of experience in worldwide business guarantees you a powerful and reliable partner.

In addition to the greater than 20 years experience LS-engineers have within laser technology, the know-how is enhanced by the continuous, close collaboration with research and development institutes (e.g. Fraunhofer Institutes). With 35% of its employees working in development LS is able to offer a high degree of flexibility in its products. By having its own software and hardware departments, LS is able to solve the more challenging applications and fit the system to meet customer needs rather than fitting the needs to the system! Having a modular approach is highly efficient and gives the optimum relationship of performance and cost.

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