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OAI is a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of advanced precision equipment for the Solar, Photovoltaic, Semiconductor, MEMS, and Microfluidics Industries. The company offers a broad portfolio of field-proven products that include Mask Aligners, UV Exposure Systems, UV Light Sources, Solar Simulators, I-V Testers and Reference Cells.

OAI maintains a commitment to long-term relationships as demonstrated by OAI’s focus on engineering, service, and customer support. With over 40 years of experience, and thousands of systems in use around the world, the company has earned a reputation for exceptional products, favorable pricing, and superior customer support. OAI products deliver outstanding performance, exceptional versatility, and proven reliability.


Model 6000 Mask Aligner

Model 6000 Fully Automated, Frontside or Backside Mask Aligner for Production

For: Semiconductors, MEMS, Sensors, Microfluidics, IOT, Packaging

With over 4 decades of manufacturing in the semiconductor industry, OAI meets the growing challenge of a dynamic market with a new elite class of production photolithography equipment.

Built on the venerable OAI modular platform, the Series 6000 has frontside or backside alignment that is fully automated with sub-micron resolution which delivers performance that is unmatched at any price.

The Aligners have Advanced Beam Optics with better than ±3% uniformity and a throughput of 180 wafers per hour in first mask mode, which results in higher yields. The Series 6000 can handle a wide variety of wafers from thick and bonded substrates (up to 7000 microns), warped wafers (up to 7 mm-10mm), thin substrates (down to 100 micron thick), and thick photo resist.

With superb process repeatability, the Series 6000 is the perfect solution for all production enviroments. Choose either frontside or optional back side alignment which uses OAI’s customized pattern recognition software that is Cognex based. For the total lithography process, the Seriesl 6000 can be integrated seamlessly with cluster tools. OAI’s new production mask Aligners are the total package.

Model 800E Enhanced Mask Aligner

The new OAI Model 800E front and backside, semi-automatic mask aligner system offers advanced features and specifications found most often in costly automated production mask aligners. With the development of this new mask aligner, OAI meets the growing challenge of a dynamic semiconductor and MEMS market with a new class of mask aligners that are engineered for R&D and low volume production.

Built on OAI’s proven modular platform, the Model 800E is an enhanced, high-performance, high-resolution lithography system which delivers a level of performance that is offered at an extremely compelling price point. The aligner system features OAI’s Advanced Beam Optics which delivers exceptional uniformity. Upgradable using OAI’s Precision Lithography Modules, the Model 800E is a highly versatile tool in the lab or in low-volume production. The Model 800E utilizes a Windows 7 PC control platform with extensive recipe storage capacity. The system also comes with joystick-controlled alignment and optics stages, and can be configured with non-contact, 3-point wedge effect correction and auto-align capability. These combined features are typically found in automated production mask aligner systems but are now available on the Model 800E at a more affordable price.

The Model 800E is unique owing to the inclusion of advanced features which are found in the OAI Model 6000 production mask aligner tool. By utilizing the proven OAI modular mask aligner platform, we are able to adopt technology from our more advanced tools to produce a powerful system at a more affordable price.

Standard front-side mask aligner features include: Dual 1MP resolution GIGE CCD cameras, motorized joystick, vacuum, hard soft & proximity exposure modes and Auto Wedge Effect Compensation. Standard backside features include all front-side features plus two additional cameras, digital zoom and motorized backside optics focus.


Enhanced Performance:

  • Dual 1 MP resolution GigE CCD cameras with continuous zoom optics for better alignment accuracy
  • Objective separation 44-200mm
  • Optical magnification 70x – 400x
  • Large optics Y travel for flat alignment
  • Enhanced digital image capture and blended image overlay resulting in better front to backside overlay accuracy
  • Computer controlled illumination for more repeatable alignment
  • Auto-alignment utilizing the latest pattern recognition technology from Cognex
  • Includes CD Measurement capability
  • Backside alignment with optical backside magnification 180x, digital zoom and motorized auto-focus
  • Auto Wedge Effect compensation including 3 pt wedge- effect leveling and automated gap setting
  • Joystick control of alignment tooling and optics


  • IR backside added to 4 camera backside system
  • Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) Module and starter kit can be added
  • Contact Liquid Photopolymer Process Module for Microfluidics


  • Easy to upgrade from Front to Backside Alignment
  • Easy to enhance your system with OAI’s precision Lithography Modules
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Ergonomic design for User


OAI mask aligner - Model 200

Model 200 Mask Aligner

The OAI Model 200 Mask Aligner is a cost-effective high performance mask Aligner that has been engineered with industry proven components that have made OAI a leader in the photolithography capital equipment industry. The Model 200 is a bench top mask Aligner that requires minimal cleanroom space. It offers an economic alternative for R&D, or limited scale, pilot production. Utilizing an innovative, air bearing / vacuum chuck leveling system, the substrate is leveled quickly and gently, for parallel photo mask alignment and uniform contact across the wafer during contact exposure. The system is capable of one micron resolution and alignment precision.

The alignment module features mask insert sets and quick-change wafer chucks that facilitate the use of a variety of substrates and masks without requiring special tools for reconfiguration. The alignment module incorporates micrometers for X, Y, and Z-axis.

The Model 200 Mask Aligner features a dependable OAI UV light source which provides collimated UV light in Near or Deep UV using lamps ranging in power from 200 to 2000 watts. Dual-sensor, optical feedback loops are linked to the constant intensity controller to provide control of exposure intensity within ±2% of the desired intensity. Changes may be made to the UV wavelength quickly and easily. This mask Aligner is a flexible, economic solution for any entry-level mask alignment and UV exposure application.

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