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Quantum Focus Instruments Corporation (QFI) designs and manufactures advanced failure analysis microscope systems and temperature measurement microscope systems for the semiconductor industry.  QFI’s solutions fall into three primary categories:

  • QuantumScope Failure Analysis Microscope Systems
  • InfraScope Temperature Measurement Microscope Systems
  • Microscopy Services – Vista California Laboratory

QuantumScopeTM (Failure Analysis Microscope Systems)



The primary microscopy solutions used today in failure analysis are photoemission (emmiTM), MWIR hot spot detection (Thermal-HS), and laser signal injection microscopy (XIVATM LSIM).  QFI’s QuantumScopeTM can be configured with all of these techniques in a seamlessly integrated and powerful multiple-sensor platform. This multi-sensor design concept delivers the broadest application coverage of any failure analysis microscope available in the market today. The QuantumScopeTM is a modular platform, which can be delivered as a single function standalone microscope based on any of the above  techniques, and later upgraded in the field. Please select the links below to access details of QFI’s core QuantumScopeTM system and the individual failure analysis microscopy solutions.


InfraScope MWIR – Temperature Mapping Microscope
InfraScope-  Temperature Measurement Microscope Systems
Transient-IR MWIR – High-Speed Temperature Trace Option
T°Imager™ – Thermoreflectance Temperature Mapping Solution


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