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PCM Test from Reedholm


  • Parametric test kept simple
  • Average speed gain of 3.9x
  • 4x to 5x more operational data
  • Widest span of measurement technology ranging from µV to 10kV, and from fA to 50A
  • Programming free test environments
  • Array of optional instruments
  • Highest reliability with average MTTF of >3 years
  • Fully characterized performance


DS10000 – DC Parametric Analyzers
DS10025 RI-40 Test System
DS10041- RI 70 Test System
DS10056 DC parametric Tester RI-EGpro
DS15133 – RDS Intranet Editions

PCM Test – Core Capabilities

We make DC test systems used by semiconductor manufacturers to make measurements on electrical test structures and simple devices. Because of the broad application of test structures, our test systems help assure quality and reliability in process development, wafer acceptance testing, reliability evaluation, and dc final test.

Our primary PCM test system is used in the production e-test market. It puts device engineers and fab managers back in control of parametric test. This means simple, fast testers that enable 100% sampling while eliminating the programming normally associated with parametric test. This approach brings production e-test under revision control, thereby eliminating instances where basic tests vary and inconsistent results are allowed.

Speed gains ranging from 2x to 7x have been achieved, with the average being 3.9x faster. As a result, we know that our users run, on the average per week, twice as many wafers than are put through Keysight/Agilent testers and three times as many than go through Keithley testers. Despite the higher throughput, our customers collect 50% more critical parameters than other testers. Combined, Reedholm customers gather 4X to 5X more operational data.

The proprietary memory-mapped instruments and switching matrix modules span microvolts to 10kV and femtoamps to 50A. Because of that range, and because we complement existing instruments with new designs, we put together systems for the latest digital technologies as well as high power analog circuits and transistors.

We enhance performance with proprietary software . At the lowest level, instrument drivers control instrumentation and switching matrices without latency delays and uncertainties. At the highest level, data driven applications software eliminates programming.

Since a test system is only as good as the signals from the device under test (DUT) interface, we provide software and hardware tools for characterization out to the DUT. This practice eliminates much of the guesswork when results are not what was expected.

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