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Introducing AP+ Die Sorter

A new automated die sorter to handle the output mediums your process requires (carrier tape, waffle pack, Gel-Pak, JEDEC tray, film frame, grip ring, and custom trays). The AP+ can pick die from wafer, waffle pack, Gel-Pak, JEDEC tray, or custom tray using an input map, perform an optional 180 degree die flip, and place to output, while maintaining input to output traceability at the die level. With its multi-project (pizza map or reticle mask) wafer mapping capability and quick-change fixtures and tooling, this system gives you the highest level of flexibility while maintaining fast change over between processes to support low to medium volume, high mix environments.

About Royce

Going on more than three decades, Royce Instruments equipment continues to be utilized throughout the world by the leading semiconductor and photonics manufacturers, assembly subcontractors, computer manufacturers, aerospace companies, and by the world’s largest auto and medical electronics device manufacturers. As our customers’ technology and product offerings evolve, we continue to expand and develop equipment to meet their needs.

Our equipment provides outstanding accuracy to meet the full range of bond test and die sorting requirements and our team of engineers have a deep understanding of the real-world needs and technical challenges our customers face. Because bond testing and die sorting are our sole focus, we are able to dedicate ourselves to developing and supplying advanced, high-precision solutions for your operation.

Aside from providing robust, accurate equipment, Royce is equally acknowledged for providing a high level of customer support that starts with initial installation and continues for the life of the instrument. Responsive service and support is provided worldwide by our network of authorized and highly trained distributors.

With our leadership and knowledge of ever expanding markets, our mission is to supply high-precision mechanical test and assembly product solutions that exceed our customers’ performance, quality, and service expectations. We invite you to give us the opportunity to show you why we are the supplier of choice.


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